#ACPA16 Presentation: Social and Digital Technology Competency Institute for College Student Educators

Myself and a number of my colleagues from the ACPA Digital Task Force came together to propose a pre-conference session that is intended to help practitioners make sense of the new Technology competency area in the ACPA/NASPA Competencies for Student Affairs Educators.  The following post gives a broad overview of the session as well as additional resources for participants and guests alike!

Social, Digital and Tech Program Picks for the 2016 ACPA Convention

What a difference a year makes!  When I started doing these blog posts in 2014 highlighting the tech-related sessions being offered at the ACPA and NASPA conferences, it required a lot more keyword searching and scrolling to compile these lists.  Now that Technology exists as its own competency area, the process has become significantly more easy!  Click, click… BOOM!.  In addition to the sessions being easier to find, the quality and number of them has also noticeably improved.  If you’re interested in one’s on tap for ACPA related to tech… have a look…

Simplifying Your Life: The Animated Evolution of Desk Since 1981

It is amazing how quickly our work has evolved in such a short period of time.  I came across the following animated GIF on social media the other day (it was originally produced as a video by the team at BestReviews) and it encapsulates this change perfectly.  What struck me most is how so much of our lives have been reduced down to one tiny (very powerful) machine.

My Guest Appearance on The Collegiate Empowerment Show

  I was SUPER pleased to join Tony D’Angelo on The Collegiate Empowerment Show this week.  We had a great conversation about my career and life path, my experience with technology growing up and how I turned that passion into the subject of my research.  I hope you’ll find it an interesting listen.  Tony is an excellent interviewer and asked me some really thought-provoking questions.  Many thanks to Tony and the folks at Collegiate Empowerment for having me!  It was a blast. Listen in:

Moving Students From Passive Interest To Investment Online

Mike Arauz has a great presentation on SlideShare about the “spectrum of friendships” on social media.  Specifically, he asks, “What can brands learn from people who are good at making friends on the internet?”  This spectrum can also be applied to the world of higher education where institutions seek to promote students’ sense of belonging and connection to the institution.  As educators, we want to engage students in deeper relationships and dialogue.  Moving students towards investment accomplishes this.