Presenting at SUNY Buffalo State today… and CSPA-NYS…

I’m having a whirlwind couple of days in Buffalo presenting on a number of topics to the faculty, staff and students at SUNY Buffalo State and the professional in CSPA-NYS. Here are some additional resources that may be of use to those in attendance and others.

For the Buffalo State attendees:

Need to get up to speed on how to use these technologies and what they are?  Go through the HigherEdTech Bootcamp.  Otherwise, on to the slides:

For the Buffalo State HESAA Students:

If you’re interested in my dissertation work, check out this post or these related ones.

Some books that might be helpful:



A copy of a similar presentation I’ve given below:

For the CSPA-NYS attendees:

Videos from the presentations:

Some books that might be helpful:



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