#ACPA16 Presentation: Digitized Student Development, Social Media, and Identity

I’m pleased to be presenting the results of my dissertation research at ACPA this year.  This presentation provides a broad overview of my study, its findings, and implications.  This is one of the first times I am presenting this material in public and I am super excited about it.  If you want to learn more, I’ve included the program abstract and learning outcomes below along with a copy of the presentation slides I will be using.


ACPA Research Presentation.001This session will present original doctoral research into how the heavy use of social media may be impacting the college student developmental process and concepts of identity and selfhood.  Rather than a dry research session, this presentation will guide participants through their own discovery process mirroring the questions and activities in student interviews.  Furthermore, real student voices and implications for practice will be discussed.

Research into the impact of social media on student development remains relatively new, therefore, this session will help professionals reflect on some of the same questions asked of students. This will role model appropriate discussion strategies with students and help practitioners do the necessary reflective work to be able to engage in these types of conversations. Furthermore, the implications for practice will be interactive with prompts coming from students regarding what they want to learn as well as the opportunity for professionals to suggest what students need to learn.


Through this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how college students view their online life and the role social media plays in it.
  2. Explain the complex nature of identity, self-concept and selfhood in virtual and technology-mediated environments.
  3. Apply concepts of digital identity and digitized development in educational interventions for students.


8 thoughts on “#ACPA16 Presentation: Digitized Student Development, Social Media, and Identity

  1. Hello Paul, I was curious if there was any word on somehow being able to view the recording of your presentation? I hope your presentation went well and thank you for looking into this for me. It would fit perfectly in my class lecture and I would be thrilled to have access. Best, Mindy

    1. I heard back…
      They will be available on ACPA Video on Demand. They’re aiming for next Friday, but it might be early the week of 3/29.

  2. Paul, is there any way to get my hands on a recording of this presentation? It fits perfectly in a graduate-level class lesson I am teaching about student development theory/social media/identity development at Central Washington University next quarter!

    1. It is being recorded/live streamed as a part of the convention “virtual ticket.” I’ll check where this video goes afterwards.

  3. Sorry, I am going to miss it Paul. I know it is going to be well received

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