PRESENTATION VIDEO: Not Working 9-5: Models for Success in Innovative Work Arrangements

At the recent 2017 NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education Convention in San Antonio, I had the pleasure of working with a panel of colleagues to discuss “innovative work arrangements.” We defined these work arrangements as anything that deviates from the typical defined work hours/defined work location norm. In the following panel, you can find out more from administrators and professionals who have experience working in or developing these types of arrangements.

Abstract: Traditional work schedules often fail to meet the needs of institutions and employees.  This session will discuss innovative work arrangements in student affairs like job-sharing, part-time work, and temporary/project work assignments.  We will include perspectives from colleagues who have held such roles, as well as colleagues who created and supervised such roles.  The content will focus on the demand for and benefits of these options and how to make such arrangements successful for institutions, employers, and employees.

Session Outcomes:

  1. To inform student affairs educators about models for innovative work arrangements, including options, benefits to the employee, keys to success in such arrangements, and how to advocate for such arrangements.
  2. To inform student affairs employers and supervisors about best practices for creating and supervising staff in innovative work arrangements.
  3. To advocate for the benefits of such arrangements as options for both individuals and institutions alike.
  4. To facilitate discussion between those interested in creating or working in an innovative work arrangement and those who have succeeded in such arrangements already.

This presentation was the brainchild of Christy Anthony, a student affairs professional who currently works in an innovative work arrangement. Christy spearheaded this presentation and crowdsourced it with the help of many others not present in this video. Some of the collaborators include: Sharra Hynes, Christopher Kandus-Fisher, Surabhi Lal, Rachel King, Ali Martin Scoufield, Sarah Hermsmeier, Shannon Collins, Haley Richards, Steph Serven Rasgus, Bridgette Behling, Lori Yi, Caroline Wright, and Kayley Robsham. This presentation was also given at the 2017 ACPA-College Student Educators International Convention, and other presentations are planned for future conferences. Hopefully you can join us.

Contributors to the “Not Working 9-5: Models for Success in Innovative Work Arrangements” presentations at ACPA and NASPA 2017 developed this list of readings and other media.  If you have a question or suggestion, please contact Christy Anthony at  The NASPA powerpoint is available here.

Creating IWAs

Benefits of IWAs

Managing IWA Challenges

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