Presenting at the OrgSync #ConnectDallas Conference Today…


This month brings me to a number of locations, but I am super excited to be heading to Dallas to be spending time with the amazing team at Campus Labs and OrgSync to present at their users conference about my research and my work with social technology. Platforms such as those provided by these companies provide an excellent opportunity for professionals and educators to connect with students and engage them in campus life. Although I frequently use the term “social media” and refer to popular platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, social technology is actually a much broader related concept. Many platforms employ social features that allow users to connect and share information and resources. A platform like OrgSync is one such example. Of course, OrgSync’s software can do much more, but in a way, it is a form of social media. Below are two presentations I am giving at the conference: a Keynote address and an educational session. Enjoy!

Like This Keynote! Social-Digital Student Satisfaction and Engagement

The following is a copy of the slides I will be using in my opening Keynote. Drawing from my doctoral research, it discusses how social technology may be impacting student satisfaction and engagement, and ultimately retention.

Beyond Likes, Towards Engagement: Connecting with Students via Social Technology

My educational session focuses more squarely on social media platforms and how to develop a divisional and/or departmental plan for connecting with students. OrgSync is a piece of this puzzle and can be deployed as a part of an overall engagement strategy.

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