PRESENTATION VIDEO: My Appearance On HigherEdLive’s Contested Issues Live Debate

IMG_3710IMG_3683From the creative minds of Tony Doody and Heather Shea Gasser, comes the HigherEdLive Contested Issues Live Debate.  The debates took place at the 2016 ACPA Convention in Montreal and involved a series of pairs doing a live point-counterpoint on designated issues.  I had the pleasure of going head-to-head with Ed Cabellon over the idea that students affairs master’s degrees represent the best preparation for working in the field.  I believe they are, Ed believes that there are other avenues that can be pursued.  It was a fun debate to be a part of.

Check out our head-to-head starting at the 27 minute mark:

The six other debates included in there series are:

facebook- tony heatherfacebook- edwards pearson

facebook shang renn

facebook metzelaars jones

facebook desawal vs davenport

facebook carpenter love

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