#ACUHOI BizOps 2016 Presentation: Building a Departmental Culture for Digital Professional Engagement

I’m presenting the following educational session on leveraging social and digital tools for departmental professional development at the ACUHO-I Business Operations Conference. The following includes the slide sI am using as well as a link to additional helpful resources.


Social and digital technologies have expanded the opportunities for staff development and professional engagement. By encouraging and promoting blogging and social media use by employees, a department can enhance the experience of its employees while also burnishing its own brand. In turn, this can aid a department in the recruitment and retention of top quality talent. This session will provide an overview of personal digital branding as well as how departments can harness and enhance it.


  1. Articulate the importance and benefits for staff member and departmental engagement in social and digital media.
  2. List and recall strategies for encouraging staff engagement on digital and social media platforms.
  3. List and recall strategies for the development leveraging of a departmental digital reputation.

Additional Resources:


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