Residential Curriculum Element #9: Peer-Review is Accomplished Through an Intentional Process

Because curricula are educational plans, they should be subject to the same peer-review processes as their course-credit-bearing equivalents. The idea of peer-review is borrowed from scholarly circles, whereby communities of scholars engage in self governance and ensure quality and standards are adhered to. The same holds true of a residential curriculum review process. With a... Continue Reading →

Residential Curriculum Element #6: Student Staff Are Utilized in Roles Appropriate To Their Skill Development

In residence life and education, student staff members are some of our most important partners in the educational process. They are our front-line on-the-ground staff and are integral to promoting student learning. As peers, student staff members are often best positioned to help their fellow students in ways that professional staff members can't. There are also some roles,... Continue Reading →

Residential Curriculum Element #5: Educational Strategies Go Beyond Programmed Events

We're all familiar with the premise that food is a necessary component of any educational endeavor in the residence halls. Attract residents with pizza and then ambush them with educational content. Although there is nothing wrong with incentivizing participation in an educational activity, the premises behind this mindset are problematic. This approach assumes that the problem with an educational program... Continue Reading →

Residential Curriculum Element #4: Educational Strategies are Developed to Advance Learning Outcomes

A well known approach to education in the residence halls is the programming model. Typically, a programming model will involve a menu of different categories that structure and guide programmatic efforts. These categories may be based on a wellness wheel, or they may include broader categories such as "social," "multicultural," or "educational" programming. To fulfill a programming model's requirements, a student staff member... Continue Reading →

Residential Curriculum Element #2: Learning Goals and Outcomes Developed and Based in a Defined Educational Priority

One of the important first steps in developing a curriculum is setting and defining an overall educational priority. An educational priority is the basis upon which all other goals and outcomes are derived. Based in the mission, context, and values of your institution, a priority should provide a broad statement about what learning will be occurring within... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Ellen Hughey

Ellen Hughey Current Position and Institution: Assistant Director, University of Central Florida First Position and Institution: Resident Director, Lee University If you told me in my first year of full-time work in higher education just how important my co-workers would be throughout my life and in my future, I am not sure that I would have believed the... Continue Reading →

Presenting at the #OLCinnovate Conference Today…

  I'm in New Orleans this week to present at the 2016 edition of the Innovations in Blended and Online Learning joint conference presented by OLC and MERLOT.  Known as OLC Innovate for short, this conference brings together some of the best minds in online and blended learning.  Both sponsoring organizations are leading the field and I'm proud... Continue Reading →

The Time I Interviewed For A Job At JetBlue

So it happened.  A little over a year ago.  I had a couple of on-site interviews for a job at JetBlue.  Given my intense love of JetBlue and my well known relationship with the airline as a customer, I decided against sharing it widely at the time, but it was a learning experience and one that... Continue Reading →

DOWNLOAD MY DISSERTATION: College Students, Social Media, Digital Identities, and the Digitized Self

I am happy to finally make my entire final dissertation available for all to download and read.  This document represents some of the first qualitative research into how traditionally aged college students use social media and its impact on their development and how they construct identities online.  If you want a more detailed description, I've included the... Continue Reading →

My Guest Appearance on the #JPspeaks Podcast: Tech, Competencies, and Inclusion

  I was SO pleased to have been the inaugural guest on the first episode of Jamie Piperato's #JPSPEAKS: Social Justice & Inclusion Podcast for Higher Education Professionals.  Jamie and I had a great conversation about the new ACPA/NASPA Technology Competency for student affairs educators and some of the implications it has for issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice.  Jamie... Continue Reading →

Creating Digital College Student Citizens Versus Leaders

I recently came across this graphic posted on TeachThought which comes from the minds of Sylvia Duckworth and Jennifer Casa-Todd (blog).  The graphic highlights the distinction between two concepts: Digital Citizenship: Being a good neighbor and responsible ethical partner on the internet and Digital Leadership: Using the internet and social media tools to influence change and improve society Both concepts... Continue Reading →

Presenting at Suffolk County Community College Today…

I'm pleased to be presenting to the faculty, staff and students of Suffolk Count Community College today.  As a community college, and an institution with a large number of commuting students, social media and online technologies are an excellent way for engaging and building community with students.  At my two sessions today, I will be speaking... Continue Reading →

20 GREAT Sites For Free Stock Images

As visuals become more and more important to the way we communicate, finding great images is critical to communicating your message. There are a number of websites I use when putting together presentations and finding photographs for my website.  If I have very specific needs, I use the pay-per-download stock image site,  The benefit of... Continue Reading →

Companies Suck Up Our Digital Information. Are We Adequately Preparing Students?

Create an account!  Sign in with your Amazon account!  Connect your Facebook account…. Twitter account… Google account… Every day we encounter websites that ask us to create or connect our digital accounts.  It is through these accounts that companies are able to provide “helpful” features, such as personalized discounts, detailed suggestions, and optimized experiences.  Sometimes... Continue Reading →

#ACPA16 Presentation: How To Become Lord Of The Slides

  I was pleased to present a Genius Lab session entitled, "How To Become Lord of the Slides," at the ACPA convention this past week!  As the ACPA website describes, Genius Labs "are 20-minute skill-building workshops highlighting a number of practical activities (primarily focused on technology) designed for participants to learn about, experiment with, and implement immediately."... Continue Reading →

PRESENTATION VIDEO: Digital Explorer, Educator or Influencer? The New Student Affairs Technology Competency I, along with a panel of my colleagues at both ACPA and NASPA, participated in a panel on the implications of the new Student Affairs Technology competency for higher education practice.  (ACPA/NASPA Competencies for Student Affairs Educators)  Above is the video of the ACPA session, while below you will find additional information and resources from... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Beth John

credit: Edgewood College Photo Beth John Current Position and Institution: Director of First Year Experience & Adjunct Faculty in the Higher Education Leadership Graduate Program, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater First Position and Institution: Director of Student Activities, Edgewood College My first professional position was serving as the Director of Student Activities at Edgewood College in Madison, WI. Beginning in... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Anne R Stark

Anne R. Stark, PhD Current Position and Institution: Director of Residence Life, University of Central Florida First Position and Institution: Community Director, University of Alabama I used to... well, let’s be real... sometimes still... struggle with the idea that my good work alone speaks for itself. Relationships matter. Everyday relationships will help you soar to... Continue Reading →

Tips On How To Be More Positive At Work

Although not ground breaking, there is something I love about this little graphic from the folks at CMD.  In one quick read, it provides you with a number of reminders on how to stay positive and motivated at work.  Of course, the items listed here are all things that are more or less in your locus of control.  Sometimes the more... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Charlie Potts

Charlie Potts Current Position and Institution: Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life, Gustavus Adolphus College First Position and Institution: Area Coordinator, St. Olaf College I learned several awesome lessons as a first-time professional. I carry many of those lessons with me to this day. Ever since I finished graduate school, I have spent my... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT: University Of Delaware PD’s Viral Video, CopLineBling, “You can call me on the blue phone…”

A friend shared this video with me and... it... is... awesome.  The campus police at the University of Delaware created their own music video to highlight their LiveSafe campus safety smartphone app.  Making a play off of Drake's music video, "Hotline Bling," the officers created "Copline Bling."  It is an excellent example of a fun, yet informative way to... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: George J. Hill

George J. Hill Current Position and Institution: Academic Advisor, Opening Doors Learning Communities, Kingsborough Community College First Position and Institution: Adjunct Advisor, Freshman Services, Kingsborough Community College The most important thing I learned in my first year as a student affairs professional is that it is important to seize the opportunities that present themselves, even if they... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Donna Swartwout

Donna Swartwout, Ph.D. Current Position and Institution: Director, Office of Student Conduct, Champlain College First Position and Institution: Assistant Director of Student Life, Loyola University in Maryland I learned so much in my first year as the assistant director of student life at Loyola College in Maryland (now Loyola University). We were an entirely new... Continue Reading →

We All Have One. What Is Your Digital Stamp?

We all have one whether we want to or not.  One's digital stamp, a term coined by Erik Qualman, is the sum total of everything about you in the digital domain.  One's digital stamp, sometimes referred to as one's digital identity, is a key concept that we all must be aware of when we interact online.... Continue Reading →

15 Meta-Tweets About Twitter

Since I've been on a quote-kick for a little while lately, I wanted to share some of these gems from Twitter.  They're Twitter tweets about Twitter and tweeting.  You don't get much more meta than that.  Enjoy. 😉

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Cory Owen

Cory Owen Current Position and Institution: Director of International Advisement, The Juilliard School First Position and Institution: Designated School Official, The English Language Institute at Texas A&M My first position was not planned at all. I graduated with a degree in English and needed to stay in the small college town for at least another year... Continue Reading →

Presenting at University of Dayton Today…

I am immensely grateful to be hosted by the staff and students in residence life at the University of Dayton today.  I will be giving two talks: one to the professional staff that outlines some of my research as well as tips for engaging students online, and a second one to the student staff members... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Timothy Gordon

Timothy Gordon Current Position and Institution: Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee First Position and Institution: Resident Director, Michigan State University As a bright-eyed and eager new professional I was excited to start my first post-Master's job working as a Resident Director at Michigan State University. I was assigned to work in a building that... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Ann Marie Klotz

Ann Marie Klotz Current Position and Institution: Dean of Campus Life, New York Institute of Technology First Position and Institution: Residence Hall Director, Albion College I began my professional career two months after I graduated with my undergraduate degree. I knew that the financial obligations I had with my family meant that I could not survive on... Continue Reading →

Technology Is A Tool, NOT A Learning Outcome

All too frequently, we become enamored with the bells and whistles of technology without taking a step back to examine our goals for using it.  Bill Ferriter, of the Center for Teaching Quality, created the following image to demonstrate how learning to use technology can be conflated with learning what technology can enable us to do.  It provides... Continue Reading →

20 Blog Title Cliches That WORK!

  We've all seen them.  We've probably all clicked on them.  They're the articles that promise us "X number of ways to X!" or "X secrets of X revealed!"  Blog post titles tend to follow a formula and they follow this formula because it works.  While I'm not advocating for click-bait and sexy titles that lead... Continue Reading →

How To Find Your Life Purpose

I came across this great SlideShare by OfficeVibe CEO, Dan Benoni, the other day.  Not only does it represent impeccable slide design and narrative form, but it also provides a great message and some very tangible takeaways. The presentation is organized around the following six headings: 1.  WHY knowing your purpose is crucial 2.  Five powerful... Continue Reading →

Seeking Submissions for an #SATBT Book!

  Hello Friends... Do you want to contribute to a new book? After doing the #SATBT series on my blog, I was delighted with the wonderful stories shared and have received great feedback from others about how much they enjoyed reading them.  It inspired me to think about collecting these into a print-on-demand paper book!  The... Continue Reading →

80% of Jobs Are Landed Through Networking

  When speaking about digital and social technology and the importance of leveraging it for career success, I often share this statistic that comes from John Bennett:  80% of jobs are landed through networking and personal relationships.  Although I cannot vouch for the research behind it, it's not a statistic I find surprising.  As I have... Continue Reading →

Social Listening: Educators Aren’t Doing Enough Of It

An important untapped resource for college student educators on social media is the act of "social listening."  The term social listening is borrowed from the world of marketing where companies will search for their names and products via social media to find out what consumers are saying.  Social listening on college campuses is very similar. It... Continue Reading →

What Does Connected Learning Look Like?

Connected learning holds the promise of re-invisioning what education can look like.  In many ways, we have talked about the ideal of connected learning for years, but it wasn't until the advent of the internet and social media, in particular, that we have had the tools to make it a reality.  The beauty of social technology... Continue Reading →

25 Ways You Know You Are Dating a Student Affairs Professional* [REBLOG]


I don’t know how I missed this the first time around, but I came across this lovely funny little piece by Niki Messmore and collaborators the other day.  I know I’ve been guilty of a few of these in my past (particularly #2).  The original post is linked at the bottom (complete with animated GIFs) but the list includes:

  1. Your first date involves: Name games, free pizza, and an evaluation of what could be improved for the next time.
  2. They give you career counseling.
    One minute you’re discussing your job and musing about your expectations/interests in your career, and the next they are asking you probing questions about what makes you happy, where do you see yourself in ten years, and then they proceed to advise you navigating your career.
  3. They ask what organizations you were involved with in college.
    Not everyone was involved in a college student organization (or even went to college). In fact, most people were not – but try telling them this! And if you were in a student organization (student government, College Republicans, Greek, etc) as soon as you mention it a look enters their eye, they go “hmm, interesting” and you immediately know they just judged your entire personality.
  4. They ask questions using counseling techniques like ‘probing’ and ‘reflection’.
    You realized you’re doing most of the talking during the date. They skillfully navigate the conversation with relationship building skills and use counseling techniques to learn more about you, until finally you cry about some buried memory or receive an epiphany about your true purpose in life.
  5. When you answer questions about life experiences, share something insightful, and they nod sagely saying “Oh that makes total sense, and explain their understanding using various theories and catch phrases like ‘external formulas’.
  6. When you say something sexist/racist/ableist/homophobic, etc, they call you out
    True story: Once I went on a date with a man who referenced his ex-girlfriend and called her a “bitch”. And I proceeded to challenge him with a “You realize you’re out with a feminist, yeah?” and ignored his mansplaining as I explained why that reference was sexist (and not okay).
  7. They ask what your MBTI is, and if you say you don’t know they’re like “Oh, I bet you’re totally like a ___!” and proceed to conduct a personality test.
  8. When you make dinner plans they immediately write off all pizza and Subway.
    When the only food your date gets is free pizza and sandwiches, then it is a terrible idea to not introduce more interesting items into their diet.
    >>>#ResLife Option: On the plus side, they pay for all dinner plans. On the negative side, dinner is always at a dining hall.
  9. If you make the date during a break (summer, spring, winter) they are super excited to go to the bars that have emptied of college students.
  10. They have a disturbingly large supply of condoms and are more knowledgeable than most on the science of safe sex.
  11. They measure time in semesters, not years.
    “So when did you visit Las Vegas?” “Oh, spring 2013 at the ACPA Convention”.
  12. They provide adequate trigger warnings and uses words like “heteronormative” and “cisgender”
  13. Good luck trying to spend time with them around the beginning or end of the school year, or any other major event.
  14. They’re always check their phone to make sure residents didn’t burn down the building or student organizations/athletes aren’t hazing.
  15. At the end of each date they ask you to do “highs and lows” or “roses and thorns” to evaluate the experience.
  16. You can’t understand half the things they say because they speak in acronyms.
  17. When you spend the night, they have 52 free shirts that you can choose from as pajamas.
  18. Movie dates result with analyzing the film from a social justice perspective.
  19. They’re always asking odd hypothetical questions like “So, if you’re trapped in a basement after an earthquake, and have these 12 items, what would you use first?”
  20. The first time you say “I love you,” they ask you to operationalize what you mean by the word “love”.
  21. Your significant other’s RAs/colleagues consider you to be an honorary member of the staff.
  22. You know you should be flattered when they call you “self-authored’ but you’re unsure why.
  23. They always say that you both should assess the relationship, yet never make any time to do so.
  24. They ask you “What does diversity mean to you?”
  25. Sleepovers come with a caveat for being woken up at 3a.m. on duty nights. #ResLife

Dances with Dissonance

*This includes graduate students as well. Don’t get it twisted – your assistantship is 20 hours a week and you’re doing student affairs work with real, live students; hence you are a professional in my opinion.

Have you ever been on a date and realized you’ve done one of the following? Or perhaps you’ve been on a date with someone in Student Affairs and always thought something seemed off about them. Well here’s a list of the top ways you know you’re on a date with someone in SA (with special notations about #ResLife only issues)

1)    Your first date involves: Name games, free pizza, and an evaluation of what could be improved for the next time.

pizza dreams true

2)    They give you career counseling.
One minute you’re discussing your job and musing about your expectations/interests in your career, and the next they are asking you probing questions about what makes you…

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Social Media: The Musicals!

Every wonder what your favorite social networks looked like if they were translated into musicals?  Probably not, but they exist anyways.  Here are a few fun, funny and catchy musical numbers about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.. and as a bonus... Google. Facebook: The Musical Twitter: The Musical Instagram: The Musical Tumblr: The... Continue Reading →

What Type Of Social Media Personality Are YOU?

  One thing I have come to appreciate through my research is the varied ways in which people use social media.  Each person integrates and makes meaning of their social media presences in their own way.  However, there also seem to be some trends in ways people interact.  The following infographic struck me as surfacing... Continue Reading →

All Of Social Media… In One Beautiful Infographic

The Conversation Prism is a beautifully designed infographic, now in its fourth iteration, that provides an overview of social media sites and presents them as a taxonomy.  Different sites are categorized according to their main purpose and/or use.  Not only is the prism beautifully designed, but it also offers a great resource for individuals hoping... Continue Reading →

Presenting a Webinar to OSA, The Optical Society, Today…

I have the honor of presenting a webinar to the members of OSA, The Optical Society, today.  Although the following presentation is geared towards professionals, engineers and researchers working in optics-related fields, the concepts presented here are relatively universal.  If you're looking to enhance your network, share your expertise and increase your visibility online, the following... Continue Reading →

Presenting at the LEAD365 2015 Conference Today…

I'm grateful to be joining the faculty of the LEAD365 Conference today to present to some exception student leaders and leadership educators.  Designed for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals, Lead365 is committed to preparing collegiate leaders to effectively serve, producing individuals well-equipped for the work force, and inspiring service to humanity. So what am I... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Myra McPhee

Myra M. McPhee Current Position and Institution: Director of Residence Life, Division of Student Affairs, Sarah Lawrence College First Position and Institution: Resident Coordinator, Community Development, La Salle University The career lesson I learned from my first job was the importance of having collateral assignments as a form of professional development.  My primary role was to manage... Continue Reading →

What Does Digitized College Student Development Look Like?

A good friend and colleague, David Kasch, presented a paper at the ASHE conference back in 2011 where he attempted to analyze/categorize developmental theories by their narrative patterns.  Some theories represent linear patterns, whereas others are continua, and still others follow intersectional or vector patterns.  The above graphic is a modification of David's original concept, but should... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Dan Maxwell Dan Maxwell Current Position and Institution: Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, University of Houston System Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Houston First Position and Institution: Residence Hall Director, Office of Residence Life, Syracuse University >My first professional position was as a Residence Hall Director at Syracuse University, my alma mater. ... Continue Reading →

Presenting at University of Delaware Today…

I have the privilege of sharing my time and space today with the staff and students at the University of Delaware.  There are two workshops I'll be giving which are both revamped presentations with a lot of new content arising out of my research.  Hopefully you will find the information helpful as well. In particular, one... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT: Kickstarter-ing Undergraduate Research at William and Mary [REBLOG]

wmchiffre1I wanted to share this blog post from Adam Gismondi highlighting a previous effort from his alma mater (William & Mary) to use the Kickstarter crowdsourcing model to help fund undergraduate research.  It’s an excellent example a way of using social media and digital technology to help engage students, alumni, and the broader public.  Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the project is the ability for donors to see the direct results of their efforts.

Read on!

Society & Social Media


What do “social” web technologies look like in practice within higher education?  This is a question that I often see posed within both online conversations and at conference educational sessions, but rare is the tangible answer that follows.

Earlier this month, I was down at my alma mater, William & Mary, for the annual Charter Day Weekend festivities.  Each year, the College brings alums and current students together to celebrate the institution’s founding and honor distinguished alumni, and I was lucky enough to be down there representing the W&M Boston Alumni Chapter at the annual meetings.  It was at these meetings that I was introduced to an innovative practice currently being used that combines several elements of the college experience in a unique way.  Professor Joel Schwartz, Director of the Charles Center on campus, spoke about the Center’s Honors Fellows, students that apply for and receive special grants for research…

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#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Lisa Endersby

Lisa Endersby Current Position and Institution: Experiential Learning Projects Coordinator, Career Services, Queen's University First Position and Institution: Student Experience Advisor, Student Experience Centre, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) I can still vividly remember waiting to cross the stage at my Master’s graduation, having traveled back across the country (from Toronto to British... Continue Reading →

Trends in Web-Enabled, Open Higher Education

I created the following SlideShare to review some of the contemporary changes, trends and cross currents happening in higher education.  From open educational resources, to the rise of the MOOC, these slides provide a broad overview of what's happening as technology is disrupting educational delivery.

Presenting at Boston Latin School Today…

I'm excited to be presenting at Boston Latin School today for a number of reasons... One.  Boston Latin is the first and oldest public school in the United States.  As an exam/application-based school, it recruits some of the best and brightest in the Boston area and boasts a number of notable alumni (Samuel Adams, Leonard... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Tony Doody

Tony Doody Current Position and Institution: Senior Director of Student Engagement, Rutgers University First Position and Institution: Facility Coordinator - Werblin Recreation Center, Recreational Services, Rutgers University I had just been selected to lead the grand opening and management of a $20 million recreation facility. I was 22 years old, fresh out of college, and... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Todd Porter

Todd Porter Current Position and Institution: Director of Residence Life, The Juilliard School First Position and Institution: Residence Director, The University of Vermont  The most important lesson(s) that I learned as an entry-level are how to be effective in doing your job and recognizing your own limitations and capacity.  First, realizing that I was new... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Doreen Hettich-Atkins

Doreen Hettich-Atkins Current Position and Institution: Senior Assistant to the Associate Provost for Student Life, Ithaca College First Position and Institution: Residence Director, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (formerly the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science) I was a year out of my undergraduate program and didn’t have a Master’s degree yet, but knew I... Continue Reading →

On Professional Competencies and the Student Affairs Philosopher King

This series delves deeper into the new Technology competency recently added to the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators.  Intended to serve as a resource for faculty and professionals to guide professional development and teaching, it provides a deeper understanding of the topics covered in the competency and provides resources for further education. Part 1: Overview Part 2: Themes On... Continue Reading →

#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Keith Edwards

Keith Edwards Current Position and Institution: Speaker and Educator First Position and Institution: Complex Coordinator, University of Delaware My first year was full of friendships, mistakes, learning, and growth. Frankly, it was a very tough experience for me, both personally and professionally. When I look back, I’m very glad I took a three-year approach to my... Continue Reading →

Themes (Part 2): The Technology Competency for Student Affairs Educators

This series delves deeper into the new Technology competency recently added to the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators.  Intended to serve as a resource for faculty and professionals to guide professional development and teaching, it provides a deeper understanding of the topics covered in the competency and provides resources for further education. Part 1: Overview Part... Continue Reading →

Hey #SApro, what was your win today?

When I was starting a new job, one of my good friends who helped me process my first few days would always ask: What was your win today? It was one of those seemingly benign lines that stuck in my head for some reason. What was my win today? What was my win today? What... Continue Reading →

Content Curation: Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons [REBLOG]

A great piece from Laura Pasquini that provides a primer and overview of aspects of fair use, creative commons, and using/remixing content and images found online.  For those of you teaching, creating presentations, or posting content online, the following provides a great overview of the basics.

Image from:


In planning my courses this term, the textbook for my LTEC 4000 course will be OPTIONAL. With a wealth of training and development resources digitally available online, in databases, from many professional organizations, and in our library system, I decided to have my three sections of my class be rhizomatic in their learning. (Thanks for modeling this learning approach for a few years now, Dave.) Learning is more than consumption. By encouraging my students to curate their own knowledge, I hope it will help  contextualization how these course objectives are applicable for the world of work. This semester LTEC4000 will aggregate training and development content in a wiki. Here’s to giving ownership to the learning process through research inquiry, critical thinking, and content contribution. Wish me luck!


In thinking about digital curation and online literacy, I want my students to consider how they share, remix, and adapt…

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#SATBT Student Affairs Throwback Thursday: Keith Humphrey

Keith Humphrey Current Position and Institution: Vice President for Student Affairs, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo First Position and Institution: Hall Director, Residence Life, The University of Arizona My first job was a wonderful experience that taught me even though I had my Master’s degree, I did NOT know everything. Career and life lessons came regularly.... Continue Reading →

4 Things Every New Digital #SAgrad Should Do 2015

  It's time for a yearly update! My advice for the digital #SAgrad of 2015... So you've recently started your journey towards a Master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  CONGRATULATIONS!  As a former instructor in a number of these programs, one of the topics I like to review with my students is how they can... Continue Reading →

“Here’s The Story, of a Lovely Lady”: Leadership Lessons from the Brady Bunch [REBLOG]


I grew up with the Brady Bunch on re-runs after school, so for me, this article from the LEAD365 blog is the bees knees.  As greg might day, it’s FAR OUT!
If you aren’t familiar with LEAD365, you should check out their blog and their national conference.  It includes an amazing slate of speakers and thought leaders.  I was humbled… honored.. pleased… to be asked to be one of the contributing faculty members to it this fall.

The Official Blog of the Lead365 National Conference

Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady – Leadership Lessons via The Brady Bunch

No, you aren’t crazy, the title DOES say, “Leadership Lessons via the Brady Bunch”. On Hulu, you can now watch The Brady Bunch in its entirety. You may have watched this show when you were a kid, I know I did. What I didn’t realize is that I really did see every episode back then and it has been wonderful reliving some of those moments all of these years later.

“Mom always says don’t play ball in the house!”

“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

So what does a family sitcom that originally aired in 1967 and ran until 1974 (with lots of air time on channels like Nickelodeon in the 90s) have to do with leadership? Teamwork and team psychology most readily come to mind as far as leadership lessons go when I think about Tthe Brady Bunch

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