You Don’t Need to Have a Residential Curriculum to Benefit From its Concepts

Developing a residential curriculum or a divisional curricular approach is hard work. It takes time. It can take years to develop a curriculum that you feel is on solid footing and functioning well. The move to a curricular model is not just about identifying objectives, writing facilitation guides, and completing tasks. There is a lot of work required to change organizational culture, the way you work, and how you understand problems and conceive of solutions.

Because this evolution takes time, many institutions will frequently say that they don’t have a “true” curriculum. The idea of a “true” curriculum, however, is somewhat of a myth. While it is true, some curricula are more highly developed than others, some are more consistent with their learning outcomes, and some adhere more closely to and achieve the 10 essential elements, institutions can still benefit from adopting many of the components of a curriculum. If you department or institution is not ready to take on a curricular approach, the following are three curricular concepts you can still benefit from in your practice. Read More

2019: A Look Back On My Travels This Year

2019 was another record-breaking year for my travels in a number of ways. I had the most flights I’ve ever had, squeaking across the finish line at 119 flights (one more than my previous record of 118 in 2017). I traveled further in distance flown than I ever have (thanks in large part to my trip to Hong Kong and Singapore). And I flew in first class more frequently than any other year (again thanks to my heavy travel resulting in status-earned upgrades. And in hotels, I’ve achieved Marriott Titanium status for the first time (thanks to a really good promo). Check out my stats and how I got there… Read More

My Photographic Ode To JetBlue

I’ve traveled JetBlue a LOT. As a result, I’ve ended up with quite a few AvGeek-y photos from out travels together. I’ve put together some of my favs… Read More

ResLife Myth #3: Community Happens… Magically

Believing that community building happens naturally and doesn’t require intervention is a myth. This “myth” is often not one that is widely believed by most professionals that work in residence life, but rather those that work outside of it. What many individuals do not realize is the amount of work and intentionality that goes into developing happy, healthy, and productive communities. Rather than just providing “sleeps and eats,” campus housing and residence life departments construct living spaces with intentionality. This intentionality┬áhas many benefits beyond just the “warm fuzzies” of community belonging. It can impact student retention, health, academic success, and many other issues. Read More

Through the Lens of an iPhone: National Orchid Garden in Singapore

The following iPhoneography photos taken during my visit to the National Orchid Garden in Singapore.

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