#SAconnect Chat Tonight! Digital Networking for Professional Development

I have the privilege of collaborating with some amazing professionals on an upcoming session at NASPA:

Wednesday, March 25: 9:00am – 9:50am

#SAconnect: How to Network Digitally for Professional Development and Relationship Building 209 – Convention Center

To preview, build on, and prepare for our session, please join Christina Ferrari,  John RodriguezLisa EndersbyRebecca Windover, and Briana Mathew for a special twitter chat discussing how to network digitally for professional development. Engage in the conversation and share your wisdom through the #SAConnect hashtag!  It’s tonight at 7:00pm!

3 thoughts on “#SAconnect Chat Tonight! Digital Networking for Professional Development

  1. Very interesting… sorry I missed this. Is there an archived transcript, or shall I curate my own? Please advise.

      1. Sweet. I can always count on you, Pb. Cheers! p.s. see you soon!

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