Celebrating Blog Post #100!

This marks my 100th post since I began blogging approximately 2 years ago and I thought it marked an excellent time to look back, share some stats and highlight some of my most popular posts.

The total number of hits my blog has recorded to date:


The highest number of hits in a single day:


Top searched for term leading to my site:

Residential Curriculum

Top 5 countries sending traffic to my site:


Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 71,955
Canada FlagCanada 1,362
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 418
Australia FlagAustralia 355
Brazil FlagBrazil 174

Top 20 Blog Posts and Pages:

(excluding sub-pages, my homepage, about page, humorous posts, etc. etc.)

  1. The Time JetBlue Treated Me to Starbucks
  2. Higher Ed Voices from Boston
  3. What is the Residential Curriculum Model?
  4. 6 Degrees of ELJ Project
  5. The Time JetBlue Gave Me A Special Valentine’s Day Gift
  6. Is the Quarterlife Crisis still real? Or was it ever?
  7. How to create a visual resume… and stand out to employers
  8. RAs are NOT educational experts!
  9. Three Simple Rules to Ramp Up Your Student Affairs Department’s Social Media Presence
  10. Student Staff Training Presentation: Having Conversations About Diversity and Inclusion
  11. The Quarterlife Crisis and The Twenteysomething Identity
  12. 3 Ways #ACPA14 Was The Most #Social #Innovative #Inspiring #StudentAffairs Conference Ever
  13. How I Took 31 Trips, 65 Flights, and Traveled 95,279 Miles in 1 Year
  14. Digital Identity Is NOT About (A Separate) Identity At All
  15. My Teaching Philosophy
  16. Residential Curriculum
  17. 6 Uses of Poll Everywhere in Student Affairs Training, Teaching and Events
  18. My iPhone Case That Everyone Wants
  19. Applying Bronfenbrenner’s Student Development Theory to College Students & Social Media
  20. The Difference Between a College Student’s DIGITAL and ONLINE Identity (And Why We’re Getting it Wrong)

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