Presenting at University of Rhode Island today…

logo-printI’m presenting locally today, and I am grateful to the staff of the University of Rhode Island who are playing host to me.  We’ll be talking about how to ramp up their social media presence and also how social media may be impacting the student experience.  Whenever I speak to audiences on these topics, I always stress the importance of making sure you go back to basics.  There are three simple questions that we all know to ask, but seem to forget in the rush to get online.  Don’t get on social media just because “that’s where the students are,” but go in with a plan.  Ask yourself:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your GIFT?
  • What are your outcomes?

Making Your Student Engagement Social.001Making Your Student Engagement Social.013Making Your Student Engagement Social.001

Additional resources that may be of use to the URI staff and others:

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