Understanding Digital Student Development (Presentation at @NASPA_R1)

I have the pleasure of presenting at the NASPA Region I Annual conference today.  The topic?  How might we re-envision Student Development theory for the digital age.  Below you will find an abbreviated version of my presentation.

Some additional resources that might be of interest include:

  • My past posts related to digital identity and identity development in digital/social media contexts.
  • My dissertation research proposal on college students, social media, and the self.
  • An animated video on Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory reimagined for social media.
  • A video of my ACPA 2014 PechaKucha title “Digital Identity Isn’t About Identity at All”

4 thoughts on “Understanding Digital Student Development (Presentation at @NASPA_R1)

  1. We of course agree on Bronfenbrenner. I’m less convinced that we should just repackage older student development theory. I think we need a whole new way of talking about this topic of “student development” in the digital age. I’m glad many of us are working through these complex issues.

    1. I agree, Paul. The portion of my presentation that’s not included here is the complete reconceptualization. It was too complex to represent here and also incomplete… since it’s my ongoing research. 😉

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