SPOTLIGHT: Boston College’s Viral Video #BCHappy

boston-college-logoIn keeping with my goal to re-blog the posts of others that I find particularly interesting or illuminating, I wanted to share the following post that comes from my home institution, Boston College.  Being a researcher of social and digital technologies in the higher education space, I am immensely privileged to be at an institution that is at the forefront of this type of engagement.

The following post comes from the blog maintained by the Boston College Social Media Council.  The Council is composed of representatives that utilize social media to promote their departments and the work of the college.  Although not the topic of their post, a council such as this is an excellent approach to amplifying and coordinating your college or university’s social media efforts.  It also allows for the sharing of resources, challenges and successes.

The topic of the blog post below is how Boston College utilized the popular trend of remaking Pharrell William’s “Happy” video to create a viral video of its own that highlighted the students, faculty and staff of the college.  It’s cute…  It’s fun…  It builds community… and who doesn’t like seeing a Jesuit getting his groove on?

This effort represents an excellent execution of a well-timed and relevant social media effort.  Has or can your college do the same?


This is a post from my ongoing effort to highlight interesting examples of social media efforts by colleges and universities every Monday.  Check out past examples here.  Have an example to share?  Tweet me.

Social Media @ Boston College


It’s hard to ignore the success of “Boston College Happy.” BC’s viral video has been viewed more than 300,000 times to date, making it the most popular “Happy” video among any US university, college or school. BC Happy was also the first to represent Boston in the international “We Are Happy From…” website. (See responses to the video from around the world in this Storify and read more background in thisBoston College Chronicle story.) Designed by News & Public Affairs Office Manager Michael Maloney, this infographic breaks down “Happy” data gathered from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter analytics. (And note the changes from the “40 Days of Happy.”) Enjoy!

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