SPOTLIGHT: Yale’s Admissions Musical Video

In 2010, Yale University produced this highly slick and fun admissions video to highlight the many features of its campus.  They used the highly shareable strategy of creating a “musical” about their college. Of course, video memes almost always spawn parody and satire.  This was the response from Harvard’s comedy news show On Harvard Time: This is a post from my ongoing effort to highlight interesting examples of social media efforts by colleges and universities.  Check out past examples here.  Have an example to share?  Tweet me.

SPOTLIGHT: Columbia College President’s Madden Challenge

This college President is way cooler than your college President. As a part of his inauguration, incoming Columbia College President, Dr. Scott Dalrymple, challenged his students to the game, Madden NFL ’15.  The prize if a student emerges victorious?  He’ll but their textbooks for the year.  Let’s hope he doesn’t lose to a student int he natural sciences or he’ll need to get ready to spend a lot of money… His excellent video (see below) had some viral success and no doubt endeared him to his students.  You can also check out… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: These Fraternity Brothers Lip Dub Taylor Swift… And She Responds

The fraternity brothers of Delta Sigma Phi (Beta Mu chapter) at Transylvania University produced this viral video, “just for fun.”  But it was also a great way to showcase their organization and prepare for recruitment.  They received wide press coverage (example, example) and appeared on a local news station to explain their goals and process.  Views of the video have reached over 2 million and counting. UPDATE: Since I wrote this, Universal Music Group decided to assert their copyright and have the video taken down because of its inclusion of the Taylor… Read More

My Relationship with @JetBlue and what it Taught Me about Life, Love and Social Media

I took Dr. Jerry Kane‘s ISYS6621: Social Media for Managers course at Boston College back in the Spring of 2013.  One of the assignments for the course is to give a brief, 5-6 minute, presentation about a social media trend or case study.  At the beginning of each semester, he has previous students come in and share their’s as an example.  Since I’ve been working on some new material, I put together this new presentation on the airline JetBlue’s social media efforts.  Those that follow me know that our relationship is… ahem… unconventional.  So here… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Boston College’s Viral Video #BCHappy

In keeping with my goal to re-blog the posts of others that I find particularly interesting or illuminating, I wanted to share the following post that comes from my home institution, Boston College.  Being a researcher of social and digital technologies in the higher education space, I am immensely privileged to be at an institution that is at the forefront of this type of engagement. The following post comes from the blog maintained by the Boston College Social Media Council.  The Council is composed of representatives that utilize social media to promote… Read More