Presenting at Boston Latin School Today…


I’m excited to be presenting at Boston Latin School today for a number of reasons…

One.  Boston Latin is the first and oldest public school in the United States.  As an exam/application-based school, it recruits some of the best and brightest in the Boston area and boasts a number of notable alumni (Samuel Adams, Leonard Bernstein, Benjamin Franklin…).  Its unique curriculum, and hence its name, includes the teaching of Latin.

Two.  This is the first time I’m speaking to a high school age audience. Every time I get the opportunity to present to a different audience type it stretches me to explore and understand my subject matter from a different perspective.  It’s both fun and renewing.

So what am I speaking about? What am I always speaking about to student audiences? Digital identity, digital reputation, and making choices in one’s online life.  What I haven’t done previously, is include (more explicitly) some of the content from What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube, Erik Qualman’s book to which I was a contributor.  Interested in learning more? Pick up the book or check out a copy of my presentation embedded below.

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