#NASPA15 Presentation: Flipping Out: Concepts of Inverted Classrooms for Teaching and Training

One of my fellow faculty members in the Merrimack College Higher Education Program, Susan Marine, and I collaborated to create a session about the concept of flipping learning environments.  Susan is using an example from her teaching and I created an example for a training event.  It is appropriate for both faculty and professions.  Come join us and/or follow the twitter back channel #SAflipped!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
2:30pm – 3:20pm
Convention Center R02



Flipping is a relatively new and innovative approach to teaching and training enabled by new new digital technologies.  The flipped learning environment is inverted.  Knowledge-acquisition occurs prior to joint meeting times which instead focus on discussion and hands-on problem solving.  This session will provide an overview of flipping and related technologies as well as how participants might integrate these concepts into teaching and training environments.

Slide Excerpts

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