Presenting at The Fraternity and Sorority Life Summit of the Carolinas Today…


This week has me presenting to members of the Greek Life leadership community at Winthrop University in North Carolina. I am grateful to Pi Kappa Phi and AFA for having me.

The Greek community has a unique history and set of needs when it comes to social media. It seems not a week goes by without there being a story of “Greeks behaving badly” on social media. I would argue that it is not, perhaps, an issue unique to fraternities and sororities. Given the higher profile and elevated viability student leaders on campus, particularly those in Greek letter organizations, the consequences of social media are amplified. While this does not excuse problematic behavior, it does help one understand why Greeks seem to be called out for it more frequently.  Teaching for digital leadership is important to all college students, but it is uniquely important for fraternity and sorority leaders.

Below are the slides I will be presenting at the Summit:


If you’re interested in more resources related to these topics, check out my resource page:


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