Presenting at NYIT Today… #NYITdidthat

I am pleased to be speaking with the staff at NYIT today on how they can take their social media engagement to the next level. NYIT is increasingly making a name for itself and social media is one of the strategies by which they’re doing it.  One of the questions I am posing today is, “What is your social media G.I.F.T.?”  Adapted from Liz Gross’ ebook, G.I.F.T. stands for Goal, Identity, Formality, and Tone.  When establishing a departmental or organization social media account, think about what your goal is, what identity you want the account to… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Use To Create Automated Web Newsletters is a tool I’ve been using for a while now in my classroom.  The web service provides the ability to create automated weekly or daily “newsletters” that aggregate content around a particular hashtag or search term.  Enter in a search term or hashtag and will aggregate links shared across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and RSS.  These links will then be visually shared on your published newsletter and dynamically updated according to your frequency preference.  When a new edition is out, automated social media posts will be pushed out indicating a new edition… Read More

The Bacon Kitty George Takei Star Wars Experience 2: Now with Circus Clowns!

Approximately one month ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “The Bacon Kitty George Takei Star Wars Experience” about my definition of social media.  A few weeks prior, I had also titled a post, “Your Professional Network is Powered by Bacon.”  After doing this, an odd thing happened.  In the statistics for my website, “bacon” became the most frequent search term directing traffic to my site. The following are the search engine term statistics from my site for the past 30 days: