What They Didn’t Teach You in Grad School: Managing Up

Managing up is the idea that the supervisory relationship is reciprocal.  If you look out for your supervisor, they will be more understanding and supportive of you.  It’s about knowing your boss’ style, what’s important to them, and using that knowledge to get the outcome you want. The art of managing up isn’t something we’ve done particularly well teaching in graduate preparation programs.  You may have picked it up in a practicum course or you may’ve had the luck of the draw with a professional mentor or supervisor.  Either way, learning to… Read More

My Relationship with @JetBlue and what it Taught Me about Life, Love and Social Media

I took Dr. Jerry Kane‘s ISYS6621: Social Media for Managers course at Boston College back in the Spring of 2013.  One of the assignments for the course is to give a brief, 5-6 minute, presentation about a social media trend or case study.  At the beginning of each semester, he has previous students come in and share their’s as an example.  Since I’ve been working on some new material, I put together this new presentation on the airline JetBlue’s social media efforts.  Those that follow me know that our relationship is… ahem… unconventional.  So here… Read More