Professional NeTWERKing: Presenting at the Wisconsin College Personal Association Conference


I’m excited to have the privilege of speaking to and presenting a number of sessions at the Wisconsin College Personnel Association (WCPA) Fall Conference this week.  For those of you that follow my blog and research, many of the topics I’m covering should be familiar to you.  As I evolve, however, so do my presentations.  So… just as Heraclitus might say… you never quite see the same one twice.

I am particularly excited to speak with the SA101 attendees who are undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in student affairs.  For their session, I will be giving a new presentation I’ve developed on “digital professional branding.”  This is an expansion of a class unit I currently teach to the Masters students in the Higher Education programs at Boston College and Merrimack College.  A number of my colleagues have talked about the increasing importance of utilizing social media and web platforms as a means of professional networking and establishing a digital identity.  This session is an expansion of some of those ideas that I have developed for the students in my practicum courses.  It  challenges professionals on their approach, assumptions and thinking around social media and their professional identity.  It also provides a how-to guide for taking control of one’s identity and putting a plan of action into practice.

If you had to characterize, describe, or demonstrate what your professional identity looks like online, could you?

netwerk.021For those of you in attendance, I wanted to provide you with links to some of the videos I showed during my presentations as well as some links for further information:

WCPATalk: RoboStudent: How Technology is Changing the Nature of Student Development

General Session: The University in the Age of Web 2.0: How We Need to Change

SA 101 Session: Technology, Students, Building Your Online Identity, and Communicating your Message

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